The sky was dimming to a close as the slither of curtains; revealing the moon with a spiteful grin. The murky atmosphere was met by a soothing gust that caresses the senses with aggressive calm. My feet was inhumed in the coarseness of sand beneath – every step an escape from quagmire.

The nigricant rocks were thrusted upon severally by the energetic boner of the Atlantic tides causing random splashes and plonks as the ignition of festive sparklers.

Standing in reverence, savoring the elegance and grace that beheld my sight revealed the emergence of an aquatic body wriggling and writhing amidst the whelks and corals washed ashore. He had human features with well chiseled abs revealing six -almost eight packs winged by macho sculpted biceps. His hair twined into cornrows and bonded exteriorly to a bun with his skin glimmering as the optical illusion of an halo.

I looked with precision and curiosity as I have never seen an existence revel with so much charm and perfection. My curiosity was met with a stagger as his lower extremity revealed scales that had representations of all colors that was well finished in a dolphin-like fin with metallic nuances.

The sight before me brought me to my knees as I lost control of self, my orbs filled with the erotic lust of desire as my third member went into violent sensual rage.

It was at this moment it dawned on me that I had finally encountered a merman.


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