Originally Posted: 24th April, 2012

Written By: @apooyinabiola

The atmosphere was cloaked in jet-black,beautified by a crescented moon that smiled in its widest grin illuminating the serpentine tides of the Atlantic.
A serenading breeze that gladdens the heart blew mildly with the partially illuminated trees swaying smoothly like choreographers.

I allayed upon a boston rocker,catching every glimpse of nature with awe and content from my opulent ocean side residence where I had come to seek solace after a long year of donkey work.

The cloud was a charcoal stained cotton-wool accompanied by succesive bright scintillations illuminating the nigricant rocks and was being thrusted upon by an azure water body washing the whelks on shore and lubricating the goose barnacles at the bank.

The leaves drifted irregularly through the air with the insect whirr and the rough grouse singing lullabies that pleases the ear. The moon was sent into its shell with the sun shining in its dim from the east followed by a rainbow crossing between two angles of ninety.

In a twinkle of an eye,the atmosphere became Cimmerian as the Ocean tide flowed with increasing ferocity and the clouds thundering in their loudest roars with the gale whistling in their highest pitch and blowing with so much entropy as the evergreens paved way.
Sand dunes elevated from the earth gracing the air as I raised my hand to protect my sight. The apartment drifted like it was going to split into two as Portions of its roofing sheets lifted off and the window glass shattered into shards.

My heart suffered a tarchycardia out of fear as terror inspired each of my arterial contractions. My hands were stiff and cold. My legs completely glued to the ground with my abdominal muscles totally flexed as I watched with absolute attention wishing the white-knuckle sight before me was nothing but a head trip.

The ocean ebbed,converging subletly till it emerged into a massive cyclone that looked like an up-turned cone almost as high as the sky coaxing every object in its vicinity as though it were a magnet leaving its surrounding land mass a desert as it swirled,twirled and whirled with so much tenacity.

I was still agape with my jaws dropped as I watched the cyclone dangle like a confused masquerade till it spinned towards me majestically with all the forms of humiliation. I was now in between the thin line between life and death as I watched my life dwindle into oblivion.


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